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Readers’ Questions for The Club

1. Reunited Lovers:
In The Club, Christian and Jane are reunited lovers, though they never realized they were actually in love the first time around. How does their past of arguments and teasing—including Jane’s childhood revenge of putting pudding in Christian’s boot—influence their current attraction? Do you have a relationship in the past that looks quite different in hindsight?

2. The Hero’s Changes:
Do you see Christian as a “madman” as he’s described by Major Arbuthnot, who witnessed his escapades in India? At what point is he trying to redeem himself? Do his views of his worth change over the course of the book?

3. The Heroine’s Changes:
How does the heroine grow from a woman afraid of a kiss into a woman ready and able to have a loving relationship? How does her past relationship with Christian make it possible for her to heal?

4. First Kiss:
How does the first kiss between Jane and Christian challenge them both? Why is it a unique experience for both of them? Do you feel the first kiss can be a pivotal moment in a relationship?

5. Facing Fear:
What does Christian teach Jane that helps her face her worst nightmare at the end of the book? How does her concern for Christian help her change?

6. The Club:
Did you feel the club itself is ominous and frightening, or simply a place for couples to explore fantasies? Is the depiction of the club colored by the fears of the main characters?

7. Sensuality:
What is the most sensual scene in the story?

8. Sexual Experience:
Does it help Jane that Christian has more worldly experience in erotic matters? Did Christian’s experience in India and his interest in texts such as the Kama Sutra help him break through Jane’s barriers?

9. The Madam:
Do you have any sympathy for Mrs. Brougham in the story? What similarities does she have with Jane? Do you feel people who have made bad choices can redeem themselves?

10. Jane’s Past:
Is the character of Jane’s former husband realistic? Is he a frightening figure at the end of the book?

11. Friendship:
How far would you be willing to go to help a friend in danger? What risks could you envision taking? Was Del right to try to protect Jane?