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Reading Questions for ESCAPE WITH A ROGUE

1) The hero, Jack Travers has a brutal past. A courtesan’s son, he fought to protect his mother, and then became a notorious crime lord in Regency England. Do you consider Jack to be a “bad boy”? Is he someone who is dangerous to know? Does heroine Lady Madeline Ashby think of him as a bad boy?

2) Haunted by is past, Jack believes his position in the world and the things he did to survive have made him far beneath Lady Madeline. Do you feel it is possible to put your past behind you? Should you do it? Are we invariably shaped by tragic experiences in our lives?

3) The author once heard a victim of sexual abuse being declare that she wanted to do more than just survive, she wanted to thrive. Does this story give you the feeling that despite their pasts and experiences, Madeline and Jack have learned to thrive?

4) Do you agree with Lady Madeline’s decision to break Jack out of Dartmoor prison?

5) Madeline joins Jack on his quest to clear his name and also to heal his soul. She is no ordinary Regency lady. What is something about Madeline’s life that makes her ready to carry out this adventure?

6) How does Madeline change and grow through the story? How does her growth help her relationship with her family?

7) Madeline feels responsible to take care of her father, her mother, her brother and sister. Are there people in your world who you are responsible for? Do they ever reject your intervention? How does Madeline learn to balance her own needs and those of others?

8) Madeline believed Jack was a kind-hearted groom with a gentle touch. Have you had relationships where you discovered the other person was actually very different than you believed? How does Madeline deal with the discoveries she makes about Jack’s past and his true nature?

9) Jack tries to overcome his passionate desire for Madeline, but ultimately surrenders to it. Do you feel the sensuality in the story helped Jack and Madeline to grow? Do they reveal emotions and secrets in the sensual scenes?