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Reading Questions on Hot Silk

Thank you so much for reading HOT SILK. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have read the preceding books in the trilogy, SIN and BLACK SILK, again I’d like to say thank you. If you haven’t, please consider giving them a try. Also, please visit my website for information on my other books, my contest, and other interesting stuff.

1. Favorite Scene:
To start off, what is your favorite scene in the book? Do you have a favorite love scene?

2. Making Mistakes:
In Regency times, a woman’s purity was highly valued and a woman who was “ruined” could find herself thrown out of her home and shunned by her family, left with few options for survival. Grace wrongly believes the promise made by a man she has a crush on. Did you support her decision to make love to Devlin so quickly after she made her first mistake?

3. Reunited Lovers:
Grace and Devlin part, believing they can have no part in each other’s lives. Do you agree that they should have gone their separate ways? Do you believe that people can be right for each other, but meet at the wrong time? Does have past feelings for each other help or hinder Grace and Devlin’s romance?

4. Finding your place in the world:
Both Grace and Devlin are struggling to find their place in the world. Is this a struggle you yourself have experienced? Are your goals now different than you were five or ten years younger than you are now? Have your dreams changed or remained the same?

5. Different faces:
Grace believes she wants to be part of the mother’s world of high society. Devlin has rejected that world, but craves the fame and notoriety of being a pirate and a highwayman. Both realize that these goals will not give them enrichment.

Do you feel that Grace and Devlin’s characters changed over the story, or did they discover aspects of their characters that were always there? How does love alter their dreams and goals?

6. Following dreams:
Grace believes she has no special talent, unlike her eldest sister who is an artist and her middle sister who is an author. Is this true? How is Grace both like her mother, who was a gently-bred lady of the upper crust, and her father who was a flamboyant painter of erotic art? Is she following her dreams to rescue Devlin and sail the world? Is Devlin following his dream when he becomes a pirate, and then a highwayman?

7. Second Chances:
Devlin gets a second chance at happiness when he is freed from prison. Grace gives Lucy a second chance when she allows Lucy to be part of the rescue party. And Grace and Devlin’s romance gets a second chance when Devlin holds up her carriage. Have you ever had a second chance at romance or an opportunity? Did you take it? Do you feel Grace should have trusted Lucy and given her a chance to redeem herself? Do you feel Devlin was justified in holding up Grace and ‘kidnapping’ her to make their second chance happen?

Questions on HOT SILK as part of the trilogy with SIN and BLACK SILK:

8. Rodesson’s Daughters.
Which character was your favorite? What traits did the sisters have in common? How did they differ? Each sister was shaped by birth order—Venetia steps in to be the ‘mother’, middle sister Maryanne is a peacemaker, and Grace starts out more tempestuous. Do they change through the book? Do you believe the birth order of siblings affects their personalities?

9. Heroes:
Do you have a favorite hero amongst Marcus, Dash, and Devlin? Do you see similarities between the men? When Dash says that Devlin was looking for a woman to fight for, do you agree? Do you feel that watching the hero grow through the story makes you believe in the happy ending and that the relationship will endure the test of time?

10. Love:
Do you believe love has healing powers? Does love have the power to change a person’s character or make them turn over a new leaf?