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A Gentleman Seduced

A Gentleman Seduced

For fans of Sylvia Day, from the author of the sizzling USA Today Bestseller “The Club”, comes an emotional and erotic story where “50 Shades of Grey” meets Jane Austen.

A relentless rake, determined to find pleasure at any cost…

Lucien Northcote, Viscount Pembroke has seen everything and done everything. Years of experimentation and decadence have left him seeking more and more extreme pleasures to find his satisfaction.

The last thing he expected was to be bewitched by an innocent. But there is just something about the masked figure watching the carnal games at Madam Ivory’s from the shadows. Her keen interest belies her maidenly blushes, and he wants nothing more than to rip the mask from this mysterious beauty, along with the rest of her clothing.

An innocent who longs for something more…

Virginal but adventurous Diana Tiverton longs for one night of sexual exploration before being shackled to the marriage bed, and her dull fiancé, for life. Disguising herself, she escapes into her notorious courtesan sister’s shadow world of carnal pleasure and sexual vice.

A secret contract between lovers…

Lucien offers Diana her chance at sexual adventure. Spend three days in his home, where he will introduce her to every exotic sensual pleasure under the sun. But before their few days of wicked passion are up, Lucien finds to his shock that he is becoming . . . A Gentleman Seduced.

Note: This books has been published previously elsewhere.

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This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Chapter One

London, May 1818

“All I want, dear sister, is to have an adventure for one night.” With a dejected sigh, Diana Tiverton flopped down onto the soft daybed in her sister Ivory’s private study. Her snow-white muslin skirts billowed, then settled about her legs. The dainty white gown trimmed with peach bows made her look every inch a sweet and demure young lady—exactly what Diana was tired of being.

“You have made a very advantageous match.” Seated on the pale pink settee, Ivory lifted the teapot from her delicate tea service.

“I know. I know,” Diana wailed. “Stephen is fabulously wealthy. I’ll be a countess. And I’ll be ever so comfortable with him. But he’s so dreadfully dull. I don’t feel a bit of passion for him at all.”

“And what has that to do with a good marriage?” Ivory poured the tea into two fragile porcelain cups. Her drawing room was simple and elegant—one would never guess that the rest of the house contained Ivory’s successful brothel.

“I want to know scandalous excitement before I become an old matron.”

Ivory waggled her finger. “You’ve only made this match because no one knows we are sisters, pet. You took a terrible risk even coming to see me.”

Diana groaned. Even though Ivory’s words were true. No one in the ton could ever guess young, innocent Miss Diana Tiverton was half-sister to famed madam, Ivory Wilson. Her marriage prospects would disappear if anyone found out.

But that risk made her plan all the more thrilling.

Diana sat up. “I just want to be you for one night, Ivory. I want one night of passionate adventure.” Of course her sister would not understand her restless yearnings—Ivory could have any handsome gentleman she wished with no fear of scandal.

Diana’s wicked plan to find excitement was flawless. Both she and Ivory were tall and blonde and slim. Ivory was older and more curvaceous, but in the right gown and with a mask, who would notice that? Diana could pretend to be Ivory and stroll through her sister’s drawing room—become a part of the thrilling and elegant air of forbidden seduction.

Diana’s heart plummeted as Ivory rolled her eyes.

“I am a businesswoman, Diana. Very little passionate adventure enters my life these days. Instead, I ensure the needs of my clientele are satisfied, I tutor the girls, and keep Bow Street content. You have a falsely romantic view of my life, dear child.” She placed a cup on a saucer and handed it to Diana. “And when your husband discovers you’re not pure, then where will you be?”

“Not that much adventure!” Diana almost dropped her tea. “Just a bit of temptation.”

“Men do not come to brothels for temptation, Diana. They come to quench their fires.”

“I only want to be you for one night, Ivory. You do not go to bed with your patrons…do you?”

“No, Diana, I do not. But my work is not so very exciting. Or particularly tempting.”

“You have the chance to see many beautiful men in various states of undress. And I know they vie for your favors and try to tempt you.”

A wry smile crept to Ivory’s lips. “Many of the peers are not so very appealing in a state of undress, my dear.”

“Well, I would choose those that are.”

Ivory took a sip of tea, then shook her head. “I will not consider it, Diana.”

Diana sat up straight, her cup rattling in her saucer. “I would wear a mask—a disguise. No one would know. Once I’m married I won’t be able to have any intrigues.”

Her sister sighed. “That is exactly the time when you can indulge, my dear. As a peeress—once you have provided the heir and the spare—you may have affairs and find pleasure and romance. But you must be discreet.”

“I want to have an adventure now!” Diana cried.

Ivory spoke of men needing to quench their fires, but Diana too felt an unbearable heat, an unbearable need. So far Stephen had only kissed her hand—not even her lips. She wanted a sinful man, a man who tempted her to indulge in all sorts of naughty things, things she’d heard whispered about at the school she’d attended.

Men kissed women’s breasts—even suckled on the nipples! A woman grew wet when a man put his fingers inside her. And a woman could find pleasure just as a man experienced.

Ivory gave her a patient smile that made Diana squirm with annoyance. “You, my baby sister, have had a chance that none of the rest of us—your stepsisters—have been offered—a chance to be respectably married and wealthy.”

“In a passionless union! At least you have freedom and independence.”

“You will have respectability.”

“At the price of my happiness.”

Ivory rolled her eyes again.

“I’m determined to find adventure, Ivory. I am sure other madams might be persuaded to allow me a night of danger for a price.”

Ivory dropped her cup to the saucer. “All right. At least in my establishment I can keep an eye on you. I will watch you every moment—pretend to be one of the girls—and I will not leave your side. These are the rules you will have to follow and I won’t allow you to break any of them.”

Diana’s thrill at victory was short-lived. The endless rules Ivory listed were impossible!

“I cannot speak to any of the men?”

“They will recognize instantly that you are not me.”

Diana concentrated for a moment, then mimicked, “—instantly that you are not me. See, I can sound exactly like you.”

“Hmm. I suppose you might be able to speak a word or two. But no more. My girls make the arrangements with the gentlemen. There is no need for you to converse with the patrons at all.”

“You are taking all the fun away!”

“I warned you that you would not find this amusing.”

Diana clamped her lips shut. She would let Ivory believe she was the one in charge, but Diana intended to at least flirt with a charming and seductive gentleman.

And there would not be a thing Ivory could do about it.

Diana surveyed the salon with breathless excitement. She’d overheard snippets of conversations carried out between the patrons and the courtesans. They spoke with the gentle manners of the ballroom, yet conducted business about the most scandalous things.

She’d learned much about the charming and handsome gentlemen prowling the drawing room. The Earl of Cambridgeshire, for example, a blond god with a muscular frame and midnight blue eyes, had a penchant for bondage. The Duke of Arndrake enjoyed a good spanking and had an adorable and firm derriere. Mr. Plum had the most versatile tongue and used it with generous abandon, loving the musky scent of a woman’s sex.

Diana felt like an utter innocent. She may not be able to indulge in sexual tussling with any of these men, but they were attractive to behold. The earl’s gorgeous blue eyes could make any maiden’s heart race.

“My dear, you are breathtaking as usual.” A deep, rumbling voice sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. A large hand rested momentarily against her bottom, cupping the curve through her sapphire-blue skirts.

Diana spun about to meet Viscount Pembroke’s darkly lashed green eyes, glittering in the soft glow of the wall sconces. He smiled as he withdrew his hand. “Mrs. Wilson.” He kissed her gloved fingertips.

Her heart raced at the touch of his warm lips. Was he fooled? She had styled her hair like her sister’s and was wearing one of Ivory’s low-cut gowns. Pads in the bodice plumped up her breasts so they spilled as generously above the square neckline as Ivory’s did. The dark blue fabric made her eyes appear the blue of Ivory’s instead of her own violet.

The viscount straightened. “I do not believe I have yet made the acquaintance of the pretty maid in white.”

Ivory! He wanted Ivory. Diana trembled. She could never allow that. She would give herself away if she did.

“What is her name?” His fingers stroked the inside of her wrist with seductive skill. A fiery shock raced from her wrist to her intimate regions. She took a deep breath, inhaling the viscount’s scent of sandalwood and clean skin.

She would have to give him a name. “Angelique,” she murmured.

“Virgin?” he queried.

“An innocent from the country, my lord,” she parried.

“I would be delighted to expand the experience of your new sweet innocent.”

It was impossible to think with him stroking her hand. “Perhaps a girl of more skill—”

“Ah, but an innocent is such a charming novelty.” He released her hand and gave her a devilish grin.

She quickly gathered her wits. “I am sorry, my lord, but the girl is already spoken for this evening.”

“I’ll pay double.”

Oh heavens. Would Ivory, as a businesswoman, be upset if she refused the offer?

“Name your price, my beautiful lady,” he whispered, holding her gaze intently.

“Perhaps I should hold an auction or present her to the gentleman most able to please,” she bantered.

He laughed, eyes teasing. “My dear Mrs. Wilson, I am sure my ten magnificent inches are up to the job.”

She caught her breath, stunned with the sudden vision of the gorgeous, broad- shouldered viscount naked and rampant. Her lips moved but no sound came out. What should she say?

Mr. Wembly, a stocky auburn-haired man, clapped his hand on Pembroke’s shoulder. “Come on, old man. We’re about to play a game of blind man’s bluff.”

“Not interested, Wembly.”

Diana almost fainted with relief—she now had a way to both distract Pembroke from Ivory and to sneak away from Ivory’s watchful gaze. She smiled sweetly at the viscount. “How entertaining. I should like to watch you play, my lord.”

“Then play I shall,” he conceded, gallantly offering his arm.

* * * * *

Lucien Northcote, Lord Pembroke, removed his clothing with the assistance of a competent valet—a service provided by Ivory for her patrons’ convenience. Ivory ran a superb establishment, he reflected, as he handed over his shirt.

She was different tonight. He’d sensed her awareness of him, noticed her slight shiver as he murmured ten inches. She’d caught her breath, sank her teeth into her lower lip. Normally, Ivory was impervious to her clientele’s charms.

He undid the falls of his trousers.

Why was she different tonight?

Lucien settled on a chair. A boot boy knelt and presented his backside, Lucien planted his foot against the boy’s rear and the boy tugged to remove Lucien’s tall Hessians.

Lucien stood to strip naked. He was already hard—intrigued by Ivory. His cock stood straight up and he grinned as the silk blindfold was tied over his eyes by graceful feminine hands. The waiting courtesan, Sophie, giggled and let her fingers toy with his erection before she led him to the curtains separating the changing room from the ballroom. He fumbled with the drapes, the velvet skimming his naked skin. Sophie’s hands rested on his shoulders then slid down to squeeze his buttocks. She drew the curtain aside and pushed him forward. He heard giggles and squeals as he entered.

He groped blindly toward the squeals.