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Blood Curse

Blood Curse

A Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award 2013 Nominee for Paranormal Erotic Romance

Just One Touch

Lady Ophelia Black lives a cursed life. Unable to touch a person without killing them, she has never felt a lover’s caress or a tender kiss. After years of hiding, she finally escapes only to be kidnapped and held prisoner by the enigmatic Mr. Ravenhunt…

Is Never Enough

Once the Marquis of Ravenhunt, Raven is now a vampire. With his sister’s life in peril unless he can capture Ophelia’s mysterious power, he embarks on a course of sensual seduction to achieve his goal. Yet as he enjoys watching Ophelia slowly succumb to the blissful sensations of carnal pleasure, Raven knows that every time he touches her his own demise grows ever closer…

“Once again Page proves she can take the written word and turn it into a rollicking adventure in Regency England. This outstanding entry in the Blood series tells of an initiation into pleasures of the flesh in graphic detail. The emotional journey to self-discovery by Raven and Ophelia is worth the ride.”RT BOOK Reviews

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This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Ravenhunt drew back from her sizzling lips. “Stop worrying and enjoy this kiss,” he urged. “I’m not going to die.”

“I wish you w—” Ophelia began, but his mouth covered hers again, capturing her words, as he drew her tight to his hard body and kissed her deeply.

She couldn’t say she wished he would die. It wasn’t true. But she wished he would just…leave. So she could get away.

This kiss was…

Oh, she was terrified of kissing.

Her first kiss had ended in horror. She had watched the man she loved fall to his knees, clutching his throat. David’s face had turned purple, his tongue had protruded and his eyes had bulged out.

The horrible attack had stopped and he had lived. But she had never let herself see him again.

Ravenhunt kept kissing her. She kept her lips held so hard and tight, they began to ache. She was going to kill him and even though this was his fault, she was sick with guilt.

His hand cupped her jaw and slowly stroked. His fingertips massaged her skin beside her ear, making it tingle. His gentle touch soothed her. She found her spine was no longer ramrod straight with fear. Her legs began to melt.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her lips softened against his. The pressure of his mouth on hers made shivers of pleasure race down her spine. His lips were so firm but velvety. She ached inside—a strange, empty throbbing feeling.

She pressed close to him, hard against his body—

What was she doing? He was her captor.

This was awful. Ever since her first kiss, she known she would never, ever be able to touch her lips to any man’s. But her body had still ached for a man’s touch.

The wonderful kiss she finally had was from a man she despised. It was wrong.

Ophelia shoved hard against his chest.

This time Ravenhunt let her go.

Raven’s mouth was hot with pain—pain that shot from his sensitive lips through his entire body. Jade had told him Lady Ophelia’s power would kill him slowly. She hadn’t mentioned it would hurt like hell.

That kiss had felt like his lips had been sliced by razors.

He touched his stinging lips tenderly. The pain was easing.

It had been hell while he’d been kissing Ophelia, but at least it hadn’t hurt her. Just him.

He could bear it for his sister’s sake.

Lady Ophelia grasped up her hems and scurried away like a frightened animal. She had pulled her gown on, and it hung around her, for she hadn’t bothered with undergarments.

Many times he’d seen his sister run away from him in such a pose—biting her lip to fight tears, her heart filled with black fury toward him. When he’d become head of the family at twenty, he had seemed to spend most of his time leveling his sister’s dreams, breaking her heart, and, as she would describe it, ruining her life.

How was he going to coax Lady Ophelia into his bed? She could not see him as anything other than her captor. Raven had hoped her simmering anger might ignite into passion. Perhaps it would, in time. But he needed a way to cut to the chase.

He had to give Ophelia orgasms. How was he supposed to do that with a woman who ran away from him?

Ophelia would be searching for escape. There was no way out of his house. It gave him time to think.

How badly was it going to hurt him to seduce her? Hell, he couldn’t begin to guess. And it didn’t matter—he had to do it.

Raven stood absolutely still for several minutes.

Then he knew what to do.

From the battlefield, he knew the fear of imminent death made a man turn to anyone for help and rescue. Even an enemy.