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Deeply In You

Deeply In You

Sensual Awakening

Anxious to save her brother from debtor’s prison, Helena Winsome agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor. Well aware of his wicked ways, she takes on the guise of a demure governess. But his smoldering sensuality overwhelms her—as does his vow to make her his lover, a scandalous promise that leaves her weak with desire…

Sexual Seduction

Darkly handsome and powerfully seductive, the Duke of Greybrooke is a man of deep passion. When the lovely Miss Helena Winsome turns down an offer to become his mistress, Grey takes on the challenge. He’ll expose Helena to the erotic thrill of carnal pleasure and tease her senses until all she can do is beg for more…

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As the boy nodded, the duke said to her, “As you’ve gathered, I know this scamp. He is my sister’s son, Michael, and you appear to know me, but I am at the disadvantage—”

“I am Miss Winsome.”

Another roguish grin. She should be immune to them by now, but no, she experienced a shivering sensation that rushed down her spine and throbbed low in her tummy.

His green eyes twinkled. “You certainly are.”

As if he were a disobedient charge, she said briskly, “It is my name, Your Grace. My name is Helena Winsome. I am governess to your nephews and niece.”

“Then you must be far more stoic and indestructible than you look. Those three will bring any woman to her knees. The last governess was built like a pugilist, and even she hung up her gloves after two months.”

“Raising children is hardly a battle. But, yes, I am quite strong and capable, Your Grace.”

“Indeed. You certainly acted swiftly to save me from the chamber pot. Next time you’ll know to hold onto this one tightly in a park. Take him to Hyde Park and you might end up having to swim in the Serpentine to catch him.”

Her cheeks heated. She must be blushing with humiliation. A bit tartly, she pointed out, “Your Grace, I am never careless with my charges. Unfortunately the incident with the chamber pot distracted me from my duties. I assure you I will never make such a lapse again. Now, I must go back to the children. I do believe I can stand up now.”

“Of course, Miss Winsome.” Taking her hand, he helped her to her feet. For a breathtaking moment he lifted her hand toward his lips. She swayed on her feet in surprise.

“I must thank you for rescuing me,” he drawled.

He was going to kiss her hand in public.