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The Girl Who Seduced an Earl – Book 2

The Girl Who Seduced an Earl Book 2

She is the one woman in England who refuses to seduce the earl…

“The Girl Who Seduced an Earl” is serialized, with episodes appearing regularly. It is a big, sexy romance with a mystery. I always wanted to try a serialized story, so this was my chance. Going with a slightly longer book let me add lots of sensual scenes and of mystery.

Emma and Dorian’s sizzling story continues.

She is the one woman in England who has refused to seduce the earl…

Emma Taylor was forced to become a courtesan to support her sister and protect them both from their vicious stepfather. Now she must win ownership of her brothel and gain her independence to ensure she keeps her sister safe. To win, she must drive the gorgeous, determined Dorian, Earl of Haydon, mad with frustration. And she must never, ever fall in love.

But as she learns more of the pain of Dorian’s past, Emma finds it harder and harder to resist her heart’s desire to become closer to the enigmatic earl.

Driven to solve his mother’s murder, Dorian’s drive for justice brings back the agony of his past, and he can find solace for his pain only with Emma. This makes him more determined to make Emma his treasured mistress.

To his surprise, she refuses to his offers of wealth, luxury and privilege. Refusing to surrender, the earl concocts a wicked plan to capture her heart. But he doesn’t know Emma holds a dangerous secret that could cost her life.

Then, on one scandalous afternoon, Dorian makes a shocking admission to Emma—one that changes everything.

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