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Silent Night, Sinful Night

Silent Night, Sinful Night

‘Tis the season for sweet seduction and passionate pleasure. Let visions of sultry sex sweep away your inhibitions and savor the delights of these three erotic encounters…

“Wicked For Christmas” by Sharon Page

Every Christmas, Amelia Weston is reminded of the night Lord Dante Rivington asked for her hand in marriage, took her body in passion, then vanished the next day into the snow-covered streets of Regency London. Every Christmas, she wonders if it will happen again…

“Stolen Chances” by Chloe Harris

Winston Matthews knows a thief when he sees one, even if she is stunningly beautiful. And so he offers himself as an easy target for a sensually sinful Christmas Eve seduction…

“Naughty Or Nice?” by Melissa MacNeal

Anxious to escape her memories of Christmas past, Tess Bennett takes a train west to the mountains of Colorado. And when she meets the sexy and seductive Johnny Gazara, she realizes that a naughty night of erotic delights is just what she needs…

Read an Excerpt for Wicked for Christmas

This excerpt contains explicit sexual material and is intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Chapter One

Christmas Eve, Hertfordshire, 1812

Miss Amelia Watson could not quite believe she was watching Lord Dante strip off all his clothing.

They stood in the woods behind his family estate. Sparkling snow swirled around them, and the wind swept the blankets of white into fanciful shapes that looked like dollops of cream. The forest had never been so still or so magical. Amelia knew why it felt so special—this was Christmas Eve, after all, a night that, for her, always felt magical.

Lord Dante, the gentleman she’d adored for years, had begun with his coat, and she’d stared, openmouthed and stunned, as he’d pulled it off. After all, they were outdoors. Yet he had merely winked when she’d gasped, “What are you doing?”

He’d draped his greatcoat over her shoulders to keep her warm. Then he’d handed her his tailcoat. Next to come off: his cravat and waistcoat. She’d gathered up his clothes and breathed in the rich, warm scent of them. Sandalwood, a trace of smoke—he must have smoked a cheroot—and a special smell that was entirely his. It made her want to kiss him all over and discover how he tasted.

Now he was tugging the hem of his shirt out of his trouser waistband. He was preparing to haul his shirt over his head. Snow dusted his golden hair, turning it to the color of caramel where it stuck to his face. On his long eyelashes, the snow melted to water, and he blinked the droplets away. He must be freezing.

No. This had to stop.

“You can’t take off your clothing,” Amelia protested. “We are standing in the middle of a blizzard.” In a wind that nipped at her cheeks and made her shiver through her wool cloak.

His smile widened, despite snowflakes melting on his nose. “Then say yes, Miss Watson.” He grasped the hem of his shirt and whisked it upward. She saw the prominent muscles of his stomach, the line of golden hair that ran from his navel and disappeared beneath the waistband of his trousers.

They had stolen kisses beneath the mistletoe, and once she had daringly stroked his back under his coat, but she had never seen him undressed before. He was more beautiful and muscular that even her wildest fantasies had depicted. Her throat dried, but she managed to shake her head. “You can’t seriously be proposing marriage to me.”

She was the governess to Lord Dante’s younger siblings. Heirs to earldoms did not marry governesses. That only happened in novels.

He pulled off his shirt. He would be hers to explore and kiss and taste and love, if only she said yes.

“You must be sensible, my lord.”

“Amelia, I’ve wanted to make you my wife for months now. I struggled in vain to do what my family expects. But it’s no good. I love you. I must have you. Say yes, love.”

“I—” I shouldn’t. I mustn’t. I won’t. All the logical answers leaped to her lips but died there. She wanted him. If she couldn’t accept a miracle at Christmas, when could she?

He came right up to her, so she had to tip her head back to meet his gaze. Carefully, he took his tailcoat from her arms and pulled it on. He left it open, so it framed the muscles of his broad chest. “There’s two pockets in my coat, Amelia. In one, I have a Christmas treat for you.”

“Oh! You shouldn’t have. I don’t have anything to give you.”

“You do.” His voice became low and intense, his eyes shone brilliantly green. “You have the most amazing gift of all to give to me.”

“What?” she asked, perplexed.

“Guess the pocket, love.”

She had not given him her answer, but he crooked his finger, coaxing her to do his bidding. So she did. She slid her fingers into his snug right-hand pocket. Her fingers stroked something soft. Velvet. It was a small pouch. She had guessed correctly. And heavens, he must have bought her jewelry. Slowly, she drew it out. He truly should not have. She had nothing to give him in return.

“Open it, love. Drop it into my hand.”

She did as he asked. Something fell into his gloved palm, something that sparkled like glittering ice. He dropped to one knee and held the most enormous diamond before her. “Marry me, Amelia. Give me my Christmas miracle.”

Heavens, he would freeze if he stayed on one knee in the snow any—

“Yes,” someone said.

Suddenly she was swept off her feet.

She had been the one to say yes. While her mind had panicked, hastening over a dozen other things, her lips had taken charge, and they had said yes.

Lord Dante held her in his arms. She could not believe he had picked her up so easily. She was rather…well…voluptuous would be the most polite term. She was full-figured, robust…in truth, plump.

Heedless of the falling snow, Lord Dante bent his head to hers. Breathlessly, she let her lips part, and when he captured her mouth, she moaned her desire and her love deeply into his. She loved his mouth. Thoughts of it had captured her every waking moment for three years—ever since she had first come to his father’s house to be governess to the younger Worthington siblings.

“We’ll head to Gretna tonight,” he murmured when he stopped kissing her. He had carried her through the snow while he’d ravished her mouth. Lights glowed ahead.

It was a romantic thought, but her practical nature intruded. “We can’t. We will never make it to Scotland with all this snow.”

“We will, love. Trust me on that. And the blizzard will make it impossible for my family to come in pursuit.”

She shivered in his arms. They could escape. They could marry. But what would happen when they returned home? His family would never accept her. “You must put me down. We cannot go back to your house like this.”

“We’re not going back to the house. Not until we are man and wife. I’ve taken care of everything.” He shot her a possessive look that heated her to her toes. “You are going to be mine, Amelia.”

The glow grew closer as he trudged through the whirling snow. She saw the ragged shape of a sloping, thatched roof, the dark outline of stone walls. It was the unused gamekeeper’s cottage. There were two paned windows in the small cottage, and they blazed with golden light. Laughing, Dante lifted his booted foot and pushed the door open. Amelia gasped—she’d expected a tumbledown structure, but inside, a large bed was spread with fur throws. In the hearth, a fire crackled merrily. A decanter of wine, along with a tray of decadent fruits, fragrant bread, and steaming dishes sat on a table.

Only one fevered heartbeat passed before Amelia stood in the middle of the cottage, warmed by the fire, slowly taking her clothes off in front of Lord Dante for the very first time.

He watched her strip, and the fire in his intense green eyes made a blush rush over her skin. He came to her and opened the fastenings of her dress. He helped her out of the serviceable wool and deftly unlaced her corset. Then he whipped off his trousers and linens. Her eyes almost fell out of her head. He was hard. She knew the word, had a vague idea of what it meant. But she had no idea Dante would look like this….

She had no idea a penis could be so long. Or that it stuck out from a male body, curving upward toward his belly. Or that it had an adorable acorn-shaped top and such large bollocks dangling beneath. He smiled shyly as she stared. He even pirouetted in front of her, a boyish and endearing grin on his face, so she could drink in every inch of him. Then he jumped onto the bed and slipped under the covers. He crooked his finger. “Come, love. Join me.”

Amelia gathered her courage. She wriggled her corset down and stepped out of it. Then she swallowed hard and peeled off her shift, revealing her generous hips and her plump thighs. Her breasts bounced heavily as she moved. And when she faced Lord Dante again, now utterly naked, he stared as though stunned by the sight of her.

Her heart sank.

He got up to his knees. The fur throw fell and landed on his erection, and it hung there, wobbling. “Come here, Amelia. Now. My God, you’re beautiful. So lush and voluptuous and perfect.”

Lord Dante pushed the throw down, scrambled across the bed, and another swift heartbeat later, he stood in front of her. He kissed her, pressing his naked body, every amazing inch of it, against hers. His erection poked into her tummy; his chest was a solid wall against her full breasts. As his mouth lovingly caressed hers, his hands stroked her skin. She felt so wanton. So sinful. She, who had always been the ordinary, plump governess, who believed she would never marry.

Lord Dante gently squeezed her left breast. She squeaked into his mouth. “My lord—”

“Enough of that,” he murmured. “You’re to be my wife. You are to call me Dante.”

“Are you sure about this?” she whispered. “Should we anticipate the wedding?”

“I want to make you mine. We’re going to be married as soon as we reach Gretna, but that will take a couple of days. If my family hunts us down…” He bent and licked her naked nipple. She squeaked in shock. She had to grip his shoulders as he ran his tongue in slow circles. Around and around her nipple, which instantly tightened and ached. Both her nipples hardened—the other one obviously hoped for the same attention.

“If my family were to catch up with us before we’re wed, they will try to stop us. If they make it to Gretna too late, they will try to fight an unconsummated marriage. But if I’ve ruined you, they’ll have to let me marry you. My father, tyrant that he is, would never let me walk away from that obligation.”

Obligation. She faltered, pulling back.

He grinned. “I don’t mean marrying you is an obligation. But if it means my family has no power to stop our wedding, I want to ruin you now.” He clasped her hand and led it to his erect shaft. She swallowed hard, and he wrapped her hand around him. It was like a soft, warm sheath around steel.

“This is our wedding night, love,” he said softly. “In my heart, we’re already joined.”

She nodded. “In my heart, too.”

Dante flashed another boyish smile, and he pushed back his tousled blond hair. “Then we should get on with it.” Without warning, he swept her into his arms again and carried her quickly to the bed, despite the generosity of her figure. This time his hand cupped her naked bottom, and he somehow managed to carry her while bending over to nibble at her nipples.

Her tummy growled with hunger and nerves, and Lord—no, she meant simply Dante—grinned. “Mmm. I suspect I have several appetites to satisfy,” he murmured. He laid her with care on the fur throw. She expected him to climb on top. So when he walked to the table where their food was laid, she sat up in surprise. She might be hungry, but she couldn’t care less about food. Did this mean, for him, a buffet rated higher than sexual pleasure? He hummed as he filled a plate, and she gaped at him. He would rather eat than have his first encounter with the woman he wanted to marry?

Really, she’d heard the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach, but she had never imagined food would take precedence when a man was hard and obviously ready.

He brought the plate to the bed, along with a glass of wine.

“You can’t eat in here. Think of the crumbs.”

He laughed. “Roll over on your tummy, love.”

She did as he commanded. Then something wet touched her low back and she jumped. She twisted to see he had dipped his finger in the wine and was drawing swirls on her back. He bent and licked.

Amelia almost leaped off the bed. To her absolute shock, he poured a thin stream of wine on her tailbone. Droplets spattered on her naked bottom and ran down the cleft between her cheeks. He licked all the drops away; then his tongue dabbed between the twin globes of her bottom, tasting the wine.

Were all wedding nights like this? She had never even read of this in naughty novels.

He kissed her bottom, then cupped the cheeks and murmured, “Lovely.”

“My hips are very generous,” she said.

“Perfect. Every inch of you is perfect.” He held a hothouse grape before her mouth and she ate it. He fed her this way, with his fingers. It was their first meal together as husband and wife.

He rolled her gently onto her back. He poured a puddle of wine onto her tummy and lapped it up. When he leaned close, she could breathe in the lovely earthy scent of his skin. She could see the curve of his long, golden lashes and the blond stubble on his jaw. He was beautiful. And he was to be hers. Then he arched up and suckled both her nipples in turn. Her senses reeled. Boldly, she whispered, “I would like to drink wine off your belly.”

Laughing, he flopped onto his back. His hard penis jumped as he did, then slapped his stomach. His stomach looked like a cobblestone road. She lightly traced her fingers over the ridges. It felt so daring to do this. So hard to believe she was expected to touch him now. Amelia skimmed her hand up, up to his bare chest. His pectoral muscles were like rock beneath her palms. She gazed at his face and saw he was watching her shyly, breathing hard.

His lips curved in a lopsided smile. “Amelia, love, I’m very nervous.”

“You? You can’t be nervous.”

“I am.” He crooked his finger. “Lie on top of me.”

Trembling, she did. Her breasts plopped against his chest, her soft tummy covered his rigid penis, and she could not quite decide where to put her legs. Finally, she opened them, settling her plump thighs on either side of his hard ones. He arched up and slanted his mouth over hers. They had kissed beneath the mistletoe in Dante’s house, daringly playing with each other’s tongues. But this kiss was wilder, more erotic, more intense. It set her on fire, right down to her toes.

His hands caressed down her spine to her derriere, then lower, to stroke her thighs. In one swift, unexpected motion, he flipped them both over. She squealed and they bounced onto the bed, the mattress rippling around them. She loved this—to be captured beneath him, to have his body pressed against hers everywhere.

Was the fire in the hearth burning hotter now? The room felt scorching. Soft fur tickled her naked back as Dante wrapped his arms around her, embracing her, and slid one long leg between hers. She twined around him, a vine clinging to his solidity, her damp body tight to his. She clutched his neck, wrapped her legs around his. This lifted her and placed her private place right against his penis, so her nether curls and her soft lips cradled him. He shifted his hips, moving them gently, so his erection stroked her. She grew scandalously wet with each pass of the long shaft. She could smell her ripe, shocking scent.

He slid his hand between their damp bodies. She gazed up at him, enchanted at the gleam in his green eyes. He glowed, looking at her. It made her feel so…desired. So much the way she’d dreamed it would feel to be a wife.

Dante’s elegant fingers swirled over her intimate curls. She moaned, almost stunned by how fierce she sounded.

“I should start slowly, love,” he murmured. “I should bring you to your first climax with my mouth. But I’m too impatient. I want you too much.”

“And we don’t have too much time.”

He grinned. “Exactly.” His fingers, warm and strong, tried to part her nether lips, and she gasped. They were sticky and resisted at first. She stiffened, but he was gentle, and then he pressed his thumb to the place at the very top of those soft lips. And stroked. Despite his soft touch, sensation slammed into her, making her eyes go wide, her lips part on a cry.

“Goodness,” she whimpered.

“Good?” He circled his thumb over the little bud, making it throb and swell and ache.

She couldn’t speak. All she could do was moan. In shock. In delight. In amazement. And while she soared close to the ceiling, trying to absorb every stunning sensation, he slid a finger inside her. His gaze held hers as he slid his finger in and out, as deeply as he could. She felt her walls clutch at him, and his finger eased them apart, filling her. So much. How would she ever take more?

She was so aroused she was slick, creamy. She blushed at the wet, sucking noises his finger made as he plunged it in and out.

“Lovely. You’re ready for me.”

She nodded, unable to speak.

“Not quite,” he murmured. His thumb rubbed her nub, again and again. Good—it was so incredibly good. Of their own volition, her hips lifted, rocking into his hand. He rubbed. And rubbed. Each stroke left her dizzier. Each pass had her soaring higher. She clutched at the fur throw. Her hips pounded helplessly. She was growing more and more tense, and she feared…something would have to burst…

Something did. In a wave of pleasure, in a mad pulsing of her muscles, an explosion of light behind her closed lids and a rush of liquid heat through her body. She bucked. She tore at the bedclothes. With her eyes shut tight, she arched beneath him, her body moving beyond her control. Wave after wave of delight claimed her. Oh, oh, heavens.

When the waves finally stopped crashing over her, she fell back, weak and tingly, onto the bed. Dazed, Amelia opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Dante’s self-satisfied grin. “Did I please you?” he asked. “I intend to please you so much more…”

He parted her limp thighs, pressing them wide apart. His penis pointed at her most intimate place, and that made laughter bubble up inside her. Nervous giggles that popped into the steamy room like the trapped air in champagne. She felt intoxicated. He lowered to her, the sweet, rounded head of his member touching her private place. It pushed between her wet lips. She had gasped at his finger, and now she was paralyzed by the sudden invasion of the taut head, the thick shaft that followed.

Splaying her hands, she pressed them to his hard chest. Stopping him. “Oh,” she gasped.

Lovingly, his lips played against hers. Each soft caress of his mouth helped the pain ease. “I’m sorry, Amelia. This will hurt when I break your maidenhead, but just this time and just for a little while. I think its madness that it has to hurt you. I promise I’ll do everything in my power to give you an orgasm that will make your discomfort worth it.”

“All right,” she whispered. She tensed, but she trusted him.

He eased forward and she winced. Her fingernails drove into his broad, strong back. She was hurting him, and she didn’t mean to, but she couldn’t stop.

His hips pushed forward and she cried out. He backed off But she knew there was no point in delay. “Just push into me,” she whispered.

He kissed her hard at the same moment he thrust. Pain lanced her, maing her head reel, and she gouged his flesh so hard she must have left scratches. He stayed motionless. She felt him inside, filling her. She felt so full of him. His crotch was tight to hers. They were joined.

Slowly, he moved back, and she felt the unfamiliar stroke deep inside her; she felt every sensation of it. Then he pushed in once more. This time it didn’t hurt so much. She relaxed a little beneath him.

He pumped in again, and she bit her lip. He drove faster; he pushed even deeper; he filled her more. He cupped her bottom and lifted her to him, thrusting slowly, deliberately, and with such restrained power it stunned her.

She tried to lift to him. It was good now, the pain a memory, and all she wanted now was to reach up for him, take him inside, and hold him there.

Dante lifted her hips higher, so she couldn’t move, so she was at his command. He thrust faster and faster.

She clutched his back, now slick with sweat. She had her legs wrapped around him, and she held on tight. He breathed faster, panting now, and she could see the exertion in the harsh set of his mouth, the tension of his arms.

“Yes,” she whispered, trying to pump against him when she could barely move at all.

Then he moved, shifting so his shaft stroked her nub, still swollen and aching from his caresses. He stroked over and over, until she was a brainless thing, until she was nothing more than tingling delight moving with him. Push to him. Take him. Harder. She realized she was gasping it aloud. “Harder. Please. Yes.”

Her toes curled, her fingers scratched, her hips arched, and heaven dropped down to gather her up. Dimly Amelia saw Dante tense over her. She heard his roar of pleasure. She felt his hips collide with hers and stay motionless. She felt heat. She felt utterly joined to him.

Then she slipped back. Gasping. Whirling. In her heart and soul, she was dancing, though she was still lying upon a bed.

Dante fell off to the side, and he gathered her close. She was hot, sticky, aching, but deliriously happy and spent and sated.

“You should sleep a little,” he advised, kissing her mouth gently. “Then we’ll travel.”

“To be married,” Amelia managed to whisper.

“In my heart, we already are,” he said.

* * *

Dante pushed open the cottage door and stood on the threshold. The blizzard had picked up, and the world was a blur of white. He strained, listening for the sound he’d heard while he got dressed inside and Amelia slept under the fur covers.

He’d thought it was hoofbeats; now he wasn’t certain. No one could be riding in the woods through the heavy snow. Had it been footsteps?

It didn’t matter if his family caught them. She was essentially his wife now: He’d taken her innocence; he owed her marriage. He wanted her, he loved her, and he was going to have her, and his family could be damned—


He jerked to the right. He tried to stare through the snow, but it fell as dense as a plaster wall. He thought he’d heard someone call his name. A gentle breathing came from behind him—Amelia was sleeping.

He should go back to her. But the urge to go outside and search for that sound was something he couldn’t quell. He wanted to find out who had called his name. Hell, it was like a compulsion. It would be madness to go out. What he should do was help Amelia dress so they could get to the carriage and begin making their way to Gretna.

But he stepped forward. Who in blazes could be out there? Was his father planning some kind of ambush, prowling up to them through the snow? His father was a proud man, one with a volatile temper, but Dante didn’t believe his father would plot to hurt Amelia.

Hell, if his father tried, Dante would do anything to protect the woman he loved.

Suddenly, a dark form materialized in front of him. It was a man, clothed in a sweeping cloak that covered his entire body and a black beaver hat pulled low.

“Who are you?” Dante shouted. Where in the hell had this man come from? Even in the storm, he should have seen the man approach.

Come to me, Dante.

The deep voice growled in his head. No one could speak in someone’s mind. But he took a step forward. His feet were moving against his will. He gripped the door handle, but he couldn’t stop his legs from taking steps, and as he moved through the thick snow, he pulled the door closed.

He had to protect Amelia. From what, he didn’t know. He had an overwhelming sense of danger. He had tucked a pistol in the waistband of his trousers. Drawing it out, he leveled it at the dark figure. The man was backing up, and for some insane reason, he was striding after the man, though he was telling his legs to stop moving.

They had moved ten feet away from the cottage. Twenty feet. Then they were far enough that the cottage was invisible, hidden by thickly falling snowflakes. Amelia, stay safe, he thought.

Suddenly the black cape whirled in front of him; then it just…vanished. It flapped again in his peripheral vision. Dante spun in that direction. He was turned in circles, aiming at his target, only to have it disappear.

“Stay still, damn it,” he growled. His heart pounded. Not in fear, but in anticipation of a fight, in the rush of energy and excitement that came before confrontation. Hell, he was aroused by it. Almost as sexually primed as he’d been for Amelia.

Yes, Dante.

His hand jerked back, so hard he felt his wrist almost snap. Stunned, he loosened his grip on the pistol. It dropped into the snow.

The man materialized a heartbeat later, taking shape right in front of his stunned eyes. The man stood almost seven feet tall. Dante saw long dark hair, whipped by the storm’s wind. Glittering eyes that reflected the white snow. Full lips that seemed inhumanly red.

He recoiled, but the man’s arms wrapped around him. He couldn’t break free.

I have watched you a long time, Dante. The voice filled his head like a choir’s song would flood a church.

He struggled. He tried to free his arm to throw punches. The man hissed, his mouth opening wide. Two fangs glinted. Then the man swooped down to him, and those long, curved teeth plunged into his neck.