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February 7th, 2007
Dare to Take a Bite with Sharon Page

I’m Sharon Page, and I’d love to sit back with a cup of tea and introduce myself.

I wrote my first erotic story in high school on a manual typewriter, hampered by a certain lack of experience, and inspired by Erica Jong’s ‘Fear of Flying’ and ‘Fanny’, which opened my eyes to the pleasure of historical erotic romance. Back then I could actually check ‘Fanny’ out of the library—now, in my local library, it’s only available by special request. Funny the ways in which things change!

It took a few years of dealing with a real job, a house that desperately needed renovation, and my first child, before I began writing erotic romance again, but I am so delighted that I did. What’s changed since I wrote that first book? Well, that book was about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery as she tried to chose between two men (also it’s still in my file drawer). But in my newest release, BLOOD RED, my heroine doesn’t have to choose.

A vampire story set in Regency England, BLOOD RED is my first ménage a trois story. It seemed to me that the vampire story is so passionate and so intense, and of course, the drinking of blood is so intimate, that a sweeping and conflicted love story was called for. And what could be more intense than twin brothers in pursuit of the heroine? As a vampire huntress, my heroine is defying the rules of her Society and the wishes of her father—he’s rather have her make a happy marriage and produce grandchildren for him to bounce on his knee.

That’s what I love about writing historical erotic romance. My heroines take a lot of risks to get what they want in life and in the bedroom. They might be the sort of ladies to enjoy a polite cup of tea, but they are strong women who are unafraid to claim the intimacy and pleasure they know they deserve.

It’s wonderful to have a chance to say ‘hi’, and now it’s back to that cup of tea and copy edits for me. Just so you know, I have two books in stores—SIN (about a woman who draws erotic art) and BLOOD RED. And I’m such a Regency addict that the hero of my contemporary vampire story in the WILD NIGHTS anthology is a Regency male, of course!