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November 18th, 2007
That First Booksigning Smile

Sharon Page at a Book Signing

I was supposed to post yesterday, so my apologies for being late. Friday is always a tough day for me to get online—I go into the office, then have the kids at home (no daycare). I have to go up into the, well basically attic space to go online, and I don’t trust the kids enough to leave them downstairs alone. My son recently followed me upstairs and almost discovered this is where we hide the Xmas presents. I can freely say this here, as he can’t read yet.

Lacy’s blog of a few days ago really resonated with me (and kudos to Lacy for everything she’s managing to do). So my blog today is a bit of a “what’s in my world” post.

Gold Star Award JERRI just found out I got a terrific review on BLOOD ROSE from JERR. A gold star award and they wrote: “Blood Rose contains a cornucopia of sensuality that will grab you by your senses and your passions, refusing to let you go until you have been sated along with the characters.” Wow, I’m really thrilled.

On the WIP front, I’m still struggling to finish the 2nd draft for the end of the month, but the sex scenes are coming together. I’m so relieved! There is much crafting to do after this. I only know a book is really ready to go when I start changing words and then changing them back to what I had originally.

The picture posted above is from my very first booksigning (you can tell by the big “I can’t believe this is really me doing this” smile. I was also signing with Jo Beverley, who’s work I adore.) I now have to get organized and have a real author photo done. Which means I have to get my hair done, find the right outfit, and do makeup. Actually, it would probably be easier to have a “stand in” be me. An author stunt double, as it were. It would probably be much more fun that having to worry about my hair.

In other news, I just got my blurb in for HOT SILK, the last in my regency trilogy about erotic author Rodesson’s daughters:

Two years ago, with her reputation already in jeopardy, Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful, compelling stranger in one night of delicious, quivering ecstasy. Wild, bold, and wickedly sensual, Devlin Sharpe is a highwayman and pirate—a scoundrel whose world is ruled solely by pleasure. And now he has returned to claim Grace again, vowing to make up for the time they’ve lost, to take her to the heights of carnal abandon and show her the exquisite bliss of exploring her darkest, most decadent fantasies…

After I read the blurbs for my books, I always think “ooh, that sounds so hot!” and I know I could never write one myself. I would add way too much dull plot summary stuff that would sound as exciting as a technical report.

For readers out there, do the blurbs on books entice you? How much plot do you like to see revealed? For authors, do you have a favorite blurb from your books?