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November 27th, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone is enjoying a feast, some time with family, or even just a bit of relaxation. It seems to be really needed right now.

I’ve been back from my research trip to England for about a month–wow, the time goes quickly. Very soon I’ll post up some pictures. My hubby bought me a pocket-sized video camera and I took almost 400 videos. There is one of me getting lost on the moors in Dartmoor National Park. Well, not really lost, but just having that moment of dread, when I couldn’t quite remember if I was supposed to turn right, where there were signposts, or go straight ahead, where there was a road well traveled. I believed at that point I filmed myself talking to sheep. My mother used to say she talked to herself to get sensible answers. I was saying hello to the sheep because when you think you might be lost, you’re pretty much willing to talk to anyone.

As a Regency author, everything I saw in London astounded me. When you’ve written about these places, it is just too amazing to see them. I walked through Mayfair and saw Berkeley Square, then trotted across Park Lane to go into Hyde Park! I sat on the steps of No. 1 London, the Duke of Wellington’s house! I saw swans in St. James Park! And the Bow Street police court! So I will post some of the sights later.

Right now I’m at work on my second book for Bantam/Dell. I’m pushing to finish my first draft for Christmas (All I want for Xmas is a finished manuscript?). My plan is a chapter (or about 5000 words) a day. And I’m working on copy edits for Blood Deep, my next vampire erotic romance from Kensington.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!