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January 16th, 2009
The Last Seduction

My next Dell book (following The Club) has a title—The Last Seduction—and a back cover blurb! (I’m not sure if the blurb is completely official, but I loved it.) Here’s it is:

Discover the wild and dangerous side of Regency England, where no one is innocent from temptation – and where one daring noblewoman is about to risk everything for a passion that will ignite the greatest scandal of all…

Five years ago, Lady Madeline Ashby’s testimony helped send him away to prison — but Jack Travers never forgot the high-born beauty who once showed him kindness…and who still stokes his secret fantasies. Now Jack has escaped – and Madeline has tracked him down, desperate to right a terrible wrong. But Jack has a mission of his own: to keep her safe. For Madeline is determined to clear Jack’s name, vowing to accompany him on a perilous quest for the truth. The lovely innocent asks only one thing: to learn the secrets of erotic pleasure. But as passion runs hot and swift between them, Madeline knows she is playing a treacherous game. For Jack is harboring an explosive secret–one that could shatter her trust forever even as it takes them both to the point of no return…

This is a new series, and my tagline is “Prison Break meets Jane Austen.” I had the chance to do some amazing research for this series while I was in England in October, and I’ll be posting some photos and cool facts up soon.

Also, while I’m hard at work writing, I’ve been helping some friends with query letters, and pondering things like narrative drive and subtext. I’m going to be writing some blog articles on writing craft and will post these too.