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February 21st, 2011
And Now For Something Wicked…

Blood Wicked Cover Bruce PageBlood Wicked releases tomorrow! It’s so exciting to know it’s out there. Of course there is lots of nail-biting too, as an author hopes readers will enjoy the story. Thanks to the readers who have emailed me to ask about what’s next. I’m going to be responding in the next few days—I’ve gone from deadline to deadline, and my children are getting older, so time seems to slip by before I know it.

Here is a sneak peak from Blood Wicked:
(Please note this excerpt is for Adults, ages 18 and over only, due to some explicit language.)

As a mortal man, Heath had adored women’s breasts. They seemed to be a stroke of genius. Plump, bouncy, and tempting, and all the fun of playing with them pleasured the woman, too.

As a vampire, he found them irresistible.

For the ten years he had been Nosferatu, one of the undead, he’d been plagued with the yearning to sink his fangs into a woman’s breasts and taste her succulent blood that way.

He’d resisted. But hell, it had been hard.

And now, he was standing in a brothel’s salon while some foolish woman thought to tempt him by baring her generous bosom. Henna-red curls bounced around her face. She flashed a coquettish look to him beneath thick lashes, pursed her scarlet lips, then let her silk wrapper slide from her shoulders.

He knew he should look away. The gesture would annoy her and she would move on to other prey. Half the men in the room were watching that scrap of silk as it fell from her shapely shoulders and snagged on the swell of her generous bosom. She gave him a wicked smile. Then she shimmied to make the fabric fall free. Two stunningly, large breasts popped into view—full, ivory white, and topped with nipples rouged to an erotic scarlet.

Blinking, blazing hell.

The two vampires who sat in front of the courtesan traded lusty smiles, then bent to the two full breasts on offer. But neither men suckled the aroused nipples; each drove their teeth into the plump sides of her breasts. What they wanted was blood.

The seductive, coppery tang of it filled the salon.

The woman gave a sensual moan of pleasure. Her head fell back. The vampires knew how to take enough blood to give her a thrilling sexual sensation. They wouldn’t kill her. They would show her unfathomable delights by lightly drinking her blood, while stroking her nipples and her hot, wet cunny.

Years of abstinence reared up inside Heath. His cock reared in front of him.

No. He would not let himself give in to temptation.

Watching two men experience his fantasy had him taut as a bowstring and ready to snap. His hand closed too tightly on the glass of brandy in his gloved hand. With a delicate ping, the glass shattered. He dropped the remnants to a table and glanced around. Where in blazes had Julian gone? He needed to get out of here.

With her red-blond curls, this woman was not the one he was looking for.

He had made it to the door when the madam of the place, a demoness of some sort, sashayed out of the shadows and planted her buxom body in his path. “Ah, my lord. Have you only come to feed tonight, or do you wish to indulge in other pleasures as well?”

“Neither.” Heath cleared his throat, hiding the two weaknesses that tried to claim him. Lust and hunger. “I’ve come in search of my brother.”

Excerpt from Blood Wicked, ©2011 by Sharon Page