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September 28th, 2011
Silent Night, Sinful Night Releases

I’m thrilled to announce that Silent Night, Sinful Night is now on the shelves. This anthology contains my story Wicked for Christmas, and novellas from Melissa MacNeal and Chloe Harris.

When I decided to combine vampires and Christmas, I wasn’t too sure what kind of story to tell. Here’s my ‘working blurb’ for the story:

When devilishly handsome Lord Dante Rivington fell to one knee in a snowstorm and offered marriage to feisty governess Amelia Watson, it was a dream come true. She accepted at once, and they sealed the engagement with a night of passion in an abandoned cottage. The next morning, Lord Dante vanished, and Amelia, now ruined, was forced to toil as a servant.

Five years later, Amelia is rescued from destitution by a vampire hunter who wants to marry her. She doesn’t know Lord Dante was captured by a vampire on the night he disappeared. On this Christmas Eve, the sound of her happy laughter reaches Lord Dante and frees him from the icy prison in which he was entombed by his vampire sire.

When Dante returns to claim Amelia, he must seduce her away from the vampire slayer. But when he realizes the only way he can have Amelia for eternity is to make her a vampire, he refuses. Will he lose Amelia forever to the slayer who wants to destroy him? Or can Christmas provide a miracle, even for a gentleman who is damned?

Wicked for Christmas is a bit of a Cinderella story and, as RT BOOKreviews described it, I take the ‘vampire legend and turn it on its head’.

One of the most fun parts of writing the story was researching Christmas traditions in the Regency. And I loved having the chance to do an erotic take on the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

I hope you enjoy!