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June 28th, 2012
Escape with a Rogue is a Top Pick!

RT BOOKreviews gives Escape with a Rogue 4 1/2 stars and Top Pick! This is the first book in the Regency Prison Break series and I’m so thrilled. Here’s what they say:

“Page has a true winner with this one. The author’s unique plot and well-defined characters complement each other, making this novel a page-turner. From the very first page, readers will be drawn into a thrilling prison break and from there, a desperate flight to freedom. The tension-laced journey is conducted by a pair of extremely colorful and stubborn characters.”

Escape with a Rogue will be coming soon! Stay tuned for purchase info and exciting contests.

When I was writing Escape with a Rogue, I was fortunate to have a guided tour of the area around Dartmoor Prison by Mike and Sally Kinsey, who run a bed-and-breakfast in the former governor’s home. It’s right across from the prison. I’ll be posting up more pictures of my excellent adventure, but here is one of the prison blocks, which would have housed Jack, Liam, Jago, Simon, and Beau.