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November 1st, 2012
Blood Fire is out!

Blood Fire is now available!

RT BOOKreviews gives it 4 ½ stars and says, “An unusual allegiance of villains adds special interest to this love story. It’s not your typical Regency romance, but is laced with the era’s flair and imbued with the full flavor of a paranormal. Page’s imaginative character development and an exciting plot are well worth the read.”

Lady Octavia Grenville, came into both her magic powers and her strange need to have sex to survive. She had known she was dying of a mysterious illness, and she wanted to have one night of pleasure before she died. Attending a masquerade in a daring costume, she flirted outrageously—and as an earl’s daughter, she had never done anything improper. Until a gorgeous rogue swept her off her feet and into his bedroom…

Here’s a brief excerpt of Blood Fire:

She was in trouble.
Octavia surveyed the glittering crowd that filled the small ballroom of the duke’s house. Where was Sutcliffe? That was one flaw with her scheme. This was a masquerade, though it seemed the idea was to wear as little as possible, at least for the female guests. All the gentlemen were masked.
Even a small strip of a black mask around a man’s eyes changed his appearance to an astonishing degree.
Octavia stared at dozens of men, trying to distinguish features disguised by the various masks, but she was certain she had not seen the Earl of Sutcliffe.
He was a notorious libertine. Surely he would have taken the bait of the invitation. Most of the women here were almost naked. Some wore only their corsets and stockings, along with heeled slippers. Their private parts, bottoms, nipples were entirely on display. Other women wore gauzy, fanciful costumes.
Octavia sipped champagne from a flute given to her by a footman—a footman who had been bare-chested and wore only breeches and boots. Nervously, she looked around.
She saw two fairies with jewel-rimmed gossamer wings. Brightly colored satin skirts barely covered their derrieres.
In polite society, it was shocking to show one’s ankles. Here, it seemed shocking not to reveal one’s legs or breasts. One woman wore only veils in the style of Salome. Another was also dressed as a harem girl, wearing a sparkling jeweled top over which her full breasts jiggled. Her stomach was bare, and a large ruby flashed in her navel.
To think Eliza had been shocked by her costume. It made Octavia smile to remember the way her friend’s jaw had dropped when she’d emerged from behind the screen in her bedchamber. She wore a draped Grecian style dress with no underpinnings beneath. Her breasts moved freely beneath the clinging, silky fabric, and the skirt fit tightly to her hips and legs, outlining their shape. She had needed an easy costume, and one she could readily hide with a cape. Her arms and shoulders were bare, and the flowing skirt was slit, revealing her legs.
She felt deliciously shocking.
She had braided her blond hair in an elegant Grecian style, and her gold mask covered her face from her hair to the top of her lip. The excitement of wearing the costume and then sneaking out of her house had made her feel stronger. She’d felt the way she had before she became sick—happy and excited.
It had been all the more thrilling when she’d thought of what was going to happen. When she’d imagined what she would say and how bold she would be with Sutcliffe.
Yet now, she couldn’t find her quarry, and she stood on tiptoe to take another look around the crowd—
“You are unique, my dear. Unlike every other woman in this room, you are mostly covered up.”
The deep, masculine voice rippled over her shoulder at the exact same moment fingertips brushed down the length of her spine. The silk of her dress was so thin it felt as if the man touched her bare skin. Octavia jerked around, gasping.
Blue eyes gazed down at her. The man’s lids were sultry and heavy, rimmed with dark lashes, but his sapphire irises appeared empty and cold. His dark brown hair fell in waves to his shoulders and drifted over his mask.
It was Sutcliffe.
He was dressed as a wizard, with a flowing robe of black silk belted at his waist. Stars and moons were embroidered on it with silver thread. He wore a tall, pointed black hat, one that was crooked at the end. His robe was slightly open at the top, revealing his bare skin.
Was he naked underneath?
Excerpt from Blood Fire by Sharon Page ©2012. All rights reserved.